The Annual Meeting shall be held
Monday, May 20, 2019 at
6:30 pm – Wine & Cheese
7:00 pm – Meeting
Hollander Family Chapel

Please be advised that:

Pursuant to Article IV of the Constitution and Article II of the By-Laws of Congregation B’nai Israel, the undersigned hereby calls the Annual Meeting of the Members of the Congregation for the following purposes:

Approval of the 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

Election of Trustees (see below) (as recommended by the Board of Trustees)
Election of Officers (see below) (as recommended by the Board of Trustees)
Approval of the proposed budget for fiscal year ending June 30, 2020
Any other business to come before the Congregation


Current Trustees Nominated for Additional Two Year Term:

Susi Glatt
Adam Shapiro
Bonnie Shimel

New Nominees for Two Year Term:

Diana Cooper
Julie Knote

New Nominees for One Year Term:

Philip Rothschild
Sabrina Schwartz

Nominees for One Year Term (Class III):

Rachel Smith          P.O Chair/NCECE
Rachel Fallet-Lax   Chair SLJ School Board
Peter Davidson       Brotherhood Representative
Ronna Young          President Sisterhood

Officers for Two Year Term

President:       Jeffrey Cannon
VP Education: Robyn Rubinoff
VP Financial & Asset Management:  David Hollander
VP Strategic & Long Range Planning: Vicky Weiner
VP Membership:     Susan Mayer
VP Comm & Tech:  Stanley Silber
VP Administration: Sharon Landau
Development:  Andrea Cannon

All members of the Congregation in good standing are eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting in person or by proxy.  If you cannot attend the meeting in person, it is extremely important that you return a completed proxy by Friday, May 17, 2019 so that we can be assured of a quorum.

Jeffrey Cannon, President