Membership at Congregation B’nai Israel is open to any Jewish person and their spouse/partner and children. People of other faiths may be included in a Family Membership if their spouse/partner is Jewish. Membership spans a one-year period from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. Members choose one of the following membership categories:

Family: Married couple or two individuals living together in a partnered relationship, with or without children

Single: Adult with or without children

Young Singles: 22-29 years or younger

Young Couples: Oldest member of household 22-29 years of age

Early 30’s Singles: 30-35 years of age

Early 30’s Couples: 30-35 years of age

Senior Adult Single: 65+

Senior Adult Couple: Oldest member of household is 65+

Associate Member Single: Full dues paying member at another congregation

Associate Member Couple: Full dues paying member at another congregation

Winter Member Single

Winter Member Couple

Shomrim/Guardian Society: We offer categories of membership options that include additional benefits. Click here to learn more.