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Congregation B’nai Israel’s Book Club offers an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy a lively and intellectual discussion every month. The book club is open to both members and their friends and is an informal, fun group. We hope to see you there!
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December 17 @ 7:00 PM
Moonscape by Brigadier General Randall J. Elliott
Facilitator: Brigadier General Randall J. Elliott
These are the reflections of a patriotic young officer who volunteered to fight in the infantry during Americas war in Vietnam. Wanting to fight the evil of communism and do right by all he knew, this Southern soldiers first thought when jumping from a helicopter into the tall grass of a field in Vietnam on his first air assault operation was I’m the ultimate extension of American foreign policy, and Im here to execute that policy, by God. Full of patriotism and the invincibility of youth, Elliott wanted to fight. He wanted to do Americas bidding against our enemies. The Russians were the main antagonists, the enemy of his generation, but the enemy in Vietnam would do. Then as the days and weeks went by, a voice of doubt began to speak louder and louder as the shadow of disillusionment crept in. Later, as the months went by, he would descend into a nightmare of despair and pain as men died needlessly and in vain, and others were shattered in mind and body. Squandered valor and wasted sacrifices would eat at his soul, right up to the breaking point and beyond. Follow me then into Dantes Inferno, a special kind of hell where you are alone, you are isolated, and you do not know why you are there. But you are there, and death, maiming, and a panoply of hideous events await your every move, your every breath. It may not happen today, but it probably will tomorrow. You have yourself and those few around you. You have been forsaken by your country and condemned to the valley of the shadow of death by those politicians who knew not what they were doing. There is nothing and no one to light or guide your way. You are not on a crusade. There are no grand parades, and no one can see you. No one will buy bonds to win the war; no one really cares. For some, even their families betrayed them. You are now, as General Sherman said, in hell. Walk with me then in the footsteps of the infantry.


January 21 @ 7:00 PM
The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom
Facilitator: Sandra Benter
A Spanish war orphan born in a burning church and raised by a blind guitar teacher, Frankie Presto was gifted with extraordinary musical abilities that shape not only his life but the lives of those around him. At nine years old, Frankie meets the love of his life, Aurora; that same day, civil war tears apart his home and he is sent to America, smuggled in the bottom of a boat with only a guitar and six strings imbued with the power to change lives.


February 18 @ 7:00 PM
A Long Petal of the Sea by Isabel Allende
Facilitator: Renee Nadel
The story opens during the Spanish Civil War in Barcelona where the protagonist, Victor Dalmau, has left his medical studies to help the Republicans against the Fascist forces of General Franco. His brother, Guillem, is also a Republican soldier, but he dies in the Battle of Ebro. Victor has to seek the help of his Basque friend, Aitor Ibarra, to send his mother and Guillem’s wife, Roser, to France, as the victory of Franco’s forces is becoming more and more certain. After many trials, he reunites with Roser in France, and they hear that Winnipeg, a ship chartered by the poet Pablo Neruda, is going to take a certain number of Spanish refugees to Chile. Desperate to grab the chance, Victor and Roser get married reluctantly to qualify for the journey. They embark on this journey, but migration to the new country is not the end of their problem, and there again they are forced to witness the fight between freedom and repression, which seems to be a neverending war.


March 18 @ 7:00 PM
The Damascus Cover by Howard Kaplan
Facilitator: Sandra Tankoos
The Damascus Cover (The Jerusalem Spy Series Book 1) by Howard Kaplan. Agent Ari Ben-Sion is on a mission to smuggle Jewish children out of the Damascus Ghetto. Once he gets to Damascus he meets a beautiful photographer named Kim, and he falls in love with her.

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