Book Club

Congregation B’nai Israel’s Book Club offers an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy a lively and intellectual discussion every month. The book club is open to both members and their friends and is an informal, fun group. We hope to see you there!

For more information contact Marilyn Bliden or call 561.254.1351

Thursday, June 27. 2019
7:00 pm
Feldman Children’s Library

Bob Vollmer will be leading the discussion!

Inside, Outside

By turns hilarious and poignant, this quasi-autobiographical book is Bob’s favorite Herman Wouk novel. Like narrator and protagonist “David Goodkind”, Wouk grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home in New York, began his career as a writer for radio comedy programs (Fred Allen in real life, the fictitious “Harry Goldhandler” here), worked as a speechwriter for Richard Nixon (unnamed in the book, but clearly recognizable). Two story lines run throughout. The framing story is Goodkind flying back and forth between the White House and Jerusalem as a glorified courier for Nixon, while also trying to locate his wayward daughter and trying to write his memoirs. The story inside the frame is Goodkind/Wouk’s own coming-of-age in America before and during WW II, with lots of hilarious family anecdotes and meetings with colorful characters on the side.


Future Dates: August 22, October 31, November 21, December 19, January 23