One of the central Jewish prayers for those who are ill or recovering from illness or accidents is the Misheberach. The prayer takes its name from two words: “mi” and “sheberach” meaning, “the One who blessed.” It asks that the One who blessed our ancestors bring about a complete healing for the person for whom the blessing is said. On Shabbat and Festivals we offer the Misheberach prayer for those in need of healing (physically & spiritually).

Please provide us the names (either English or Hebrew) of your friends and loved ones whose names you wish us to include. We will keep the person’s name active on our list for a period of three months. At that time, you may resubmit your request if you wish us to continue saying the blessing. In addition, please notify us if the name may be removed from the list by emailing Natalie Matus.

Misheberach Request