At Congregation B’nai Israel’s Baby Center we are dedicated to making sure your baby starts in the best direction. We offer mommy & me, daddy & me, grandparent & me classes and a child care program for babies from 6 weeks through 24 months. Our comprehensive set of programs help develop learning, language, fine motor and gross motor skills. All of this takes place in a nurturing environment with a community of support for expectant and new parents.

Parent/Child Classes

Each of our carefully designed Parent/Child Classes is equipped with play environments and tactile stimulation programs to maximize each baby’s physical, intellectual and social development while reinforcing the bond with the parent. Techniques like shared movement, music, and sensory experiences turn play time into grow time. Parents share hopes, dreams, and experiences with each other, gaining strength and confidence while they make friends that last a lifetime.

Early Childhood Programs are going to be a big step for your toddler. The Ready to Go class and the Turning Two’s class are both designed to prepare your child for success. Children and their parent/caregiver attend classes for five weeks, establishing security and routines. After these first five weeks, your toddler will gently transition to group and teacher time. Parents/caregivers are moved to a classroom across the hall and are available to their children at a moment’s notice. The toddlers enjoy interaction with other toddlers and parallel play. They learn to share, emulate positive behavior, play independently, and develop good listening skills. Parents/caregivers enjoy workshops led by occupational therapists, speech pathologists, child psychologists, our rabbinical team, and school leaders to better understand child development, school curriculum, and the challenges that lay ahead.

For more information, class availability, and pricing, please contact Karen Forster.

Child Care Program

The Baby Center's Child Care Program is for ages 8 weeks through 24 months. Our hours are from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Our experienced educators will help your child grow in an environment just like home. The Baby Center's Child Care Program creates an individual education plan, complete with a customized schedule of activities for your baby’s development.

Babies are introduced to music, literature, and the arts. We offer comprehensive programs which develop learning, language, fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional, and self-help skills in a nurturing environment. The Baby Center also provides a community of support for parents. All teachers are well educated, rigorously trained on developmental milestones, background checked, and CPR first aid certified. Classrooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized daily. Daily logs are provided to parents.

For more information, class availability, and pricing, please contact Rebeca Rosenblatt.