Congregation B’nai Israel’s Nadel Center for Early Childhood Education offers a variety of Holiday Camps that take place during school breaks and national holidays. The programs are designed not only to cater to working parents who need year-round care, but also for children who do better with continuity or who just love our school!

Mini Camp

Our Mini Camp programs take place during school breaks. These programs give your child the opportunity to have continuity in their daily schedules. They are familiar with our school and staff and enjoy playing and learning here. Your child will participate in all types of fun activities, including arts and crafts and cooking. Children will also have the opportunity to play each day on one of our five playgrounds. It’s a wonderful opportunity for your child to be with old friends and make new friends outside of their regular yearly class.

VIP Camp

Our Vacation Interim Program (VIP) is designed to accommodate working parents that need year-round care. The program provides care during school breaks, including the days Mini Camp is not available, with the exception of some Jewish Holidays.

For additional information, pricing, availability, and to register for any of our Holiday Camp programs, please contact Debbie Goldsmith.

Summer Camp

Welcome to Camp Yeladim at Congregation B’nai Israel’s Nadel Center for Early Childhood Education. Join us for a summer of fun and learning!

CBI offers both traditional and skills-based camp. Our skills-based program is designed to maintain skills that were introduced during the school year or to prepare new students for the coming year. Your children will run and play, they will cut, sort, and count. They will be enriched with song, dance, and art explorations. Literature will be explored and vocabulary expanded as your children’s imagination is celebrated. Classes from Almost Two’s through Pre-K, enjoy our water park playground, cooking, science, arts & crafts, music, physical education, weekly surprises, Shabbat, and lots more!

For more information about our program and pricing, or to register, please contact Camp Director, Rebeca Rosenblatt.