Nadel Center for Early Childhood Education encourages volunteer participation in our numerous events, fundraisers and classrooms. For our most dedicated volunteers, there are many leadership opportunities for Congregation B’nai Israel members.

Get involved today and lead our school into the future!

If you have any questions, please contact our Parent Organization.

Erissa Steinbok
Parent Organization President

Jen Vogel

Jessica Altro
Graduation, Yearbook

Jen Bender
Barnes & Noble, Staff Appreciation

Rachel Bloom
Hamentashen Bake, Staff Appreciation

Amanda Cohen
Water Play-A-Thon, Parent’s Night Out

Diana Cooper
Tot Shabbat, Yearbook

Callie Davies
Chanukarama, Parent’s Night Out

Robin Ellman
VP of Education

Jolie Fromowitz
Tot Shabbat, Hamentashen Bake

Rachel Greenberg
Past P.O. President

Samantha Grimaldi
Graduation, Water Play-A-Thon

Jessica Kamerlink
Chanukarama, Yearbook

Gabrielle Knafo
Sukkot, Parent’s Night Out

Laurel Rom
Barnes & Noble, Parent’s Night Out

Niki Rubin
Past NCECE Chair, Water Play-A-Thon

Ali Shapiro
Boutique, Room Mom

Corey Shapiro
Legacy Events, Staff Appreciation

Carrie Silver
Chanukarama, Legacy Events

Rachel Smith
Boutique, Secretary

Rachel Tibor
Chanukarama, Hamentashen Bake

Rachel Weiner
Boutique, Yearbook

Natasha Weprin
Sukkot, Yearbook

Stephanie Zeidenweber
Hamentashen Bake, Sukkot