The Feldman Children’s Library is a wonderful resource for Congregation B’nai Israel’s children, teens, parents, and teachers. It houses over 10,000 books, CD’s, and videos on a wide variety of topics ranging from history to the holidays. The library is also a hub of activity. Early Childhood classes visit the library for weekly story time and Religious School classes use the library for research, special projects, and pleasure reading.

The Feldman Children’s Library has received Advanced Accreditation from the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) and is an active member of the AJL’s South Florida Chapter.

Library Director, Heidi Rabinowitz has a Master’s Degree in Library Science from the University of Pittsburgh. She is Past President of the Association of Jewish Libraries and hosts The Book of Life, an ongoing podcast about Jewish books, music, film, and web available at

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The Howard Computer Center is an innovative resource for Congregation B’nai Israel’s students. The center houses touchscreen computers, a large screen monitor for group learning, and a multitude of creative educational programs that will capture the hearts and minds of our youngest members.

We are proud of our curriculum used in The Nadel Center for Early Childhood Education, which includes technical, creative, and social aspects of computer use. In the Fall of 2018, we introduced a new visual literacy curriculum in the Computer Center called “Look & See.” Child-friendly games, music, art, films, and books complement the use of computer technology to enhance the earliest learning experience.

The students in The Barry Ira Graff School for Living Judaism use the computer center for educational purposes. Our Hebrew classes have various software programs, which enable the students to study and practice Hebrew on the computer and through the Internet. In addition, our Judaic classes use the center for a variety of creative activities including holiday programs, Judaic games, and Jewish Internet activities. Our teens learn to use specific Jewish search engines to provide the highest quality of Jewish research and instruction.

In addition, our Confirmation classes, Bar/Bat Mitzvah students, and Youth Groups use the computer center to write services, research Jewish information and connect with other Jewish students in Israel and around the world.

The Nadel Center for Early Childhood Education encourages young children (and their families!) to feel comfortable with the latest technology. In our Howard Computer Center, the children use touchscreens, learn mouse skills, and become familiar with the keyboard.

On the Early Childhood Programs blog, you’ll find links to websites visited, games played, and videos watched during Computer Center time. By viewing the blog at home, parents can see what the kids have been learning in school and kids can practice their computer skills. Check it out and please post a comment!

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For more information, please contact our Director of Lifelong Learning, Linda Harris.

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