Madrichim Program Grades 8-12

Our congregation’s young adults have the opportunity to develop as leaders and role models by serving as madrichim (teaching assistants) in our younger grades.  Beginning in 8th grade, madrichim work with SLJ teachers in both Judaics and Hebrew classes assisting the teachers with instruction and classroom activities.  Positions are also available with our enrichment teachers and in the school office.  If any madrich/a is interested in pursuing special education as a career, they may be given opportunities to work with students who have learning challenges. Madrichim gain valuable experience in responsibility, communication, patience, compassion and organization while earning Mitzvah Chips and community service hours.

For more information please contact Cheryl Epstein, Assistant Director of Religious Education.


CBI’s Generation Tech Program matches our techy teens with CBI Primer’s looking for help navigating the online world! Primers can improve basic tech knowledge, mobile device & computer skills with our 1:1 Teen Tech Virtual Appointments.
Our tech-savvy teens will help Primers improve on the following topics:
Zoom-WiFi- Social Networking- PC/MAC Basics-Bluetooth- Texting-Email-Using the Camera-Downloading Apps- iCloud/Google-Photos- Web Browsers
All Teen Techs will receive Double Community Service Hours!

For Tech inquiries please contact Minda Shaiman at 561.241.8000 ext# 119.


Participate in Checkmates, started by CBI Teen, Max Rappoport, which provides a fun, remote activity for Adults and Primers who are chess enthusiasts! Sign up for a time to play chess online with our Tech Teens. All Teen Checkmates will receive Double Community Service Hours!

For Chess inquiries please contact Jessica Rotterman.