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CBI’s Chavurat HaTorah makes life’s Jewish Journey more meaningful together!

Our interactive, Chavurat HaTorah (The Torah Group) is a small gathering of like-minded individuals who join together with our CBI Clergy for a joyous song-filled
Shabbat Service every Shabbat (Saturday) morning which includes an interactive discussion of the weekly Torah portion
relating the life lessons in the Torah to our modern lives.
Chavurat HaTorah makes life’s Jewish Journey more meaningful together through their weekly gatherings and going through life cycle events together.
Whether you are a beginner or a Torah scholar, we welcome you to join us to find new insights for each Shabbat with our Chavurat HaTorah.

Friday, July 30
6:15 PM
Saturday, July 31
9:00 AM



The Torah is divided into fifty-four sections, each one called a sidrah or parasha. Each week, on Shabbat another portion is read (some weeks have a double portion). In most Reform synagogues, a portion of the sidrah is read. On Festivals, Reform congregations read from the portions traditionally assigned to those holidays. In addition, a selection from the Prophets or Writings is read each week. Known as the Haftarah, this reading is selected to relate to the text of the Torah portion. In most synagogues, the Torah and Haftarah portions are chanted.
Most synagogues have at least one Torah scroll, from which the Torah is read during worship services. It is handwritten on parchment made from the specially treated skin of a kosher animal, and the letters are inscribed with a quill pen by a specially trained scribe called a sofer.
The cycle of Torah reading is completed within one year. On the holiday of Simchat Torah, the last and first verses of the Torah are read as the cycle continues.
This is a joyous observance, often accompanied by dancing and music.

For more information please visit REFORMJUDAISM.ORG